Signs You May Be Hiding Your Dandelion Heart

It’s happened to me and it is something I have seen in my own network of family and clients.

There is a struggle to try to make things work – to abide by the world’s rules and systems while feeling completely empty and unhappy on the inside.

You turn to self-blame, wondering why you just aren’t getting it together like everybody else.

You fall into a bit of depression and shame and then go into hiding.

There are so many reasons why you hide. Fear of criticism, failure, being laughed at, making a mistake, being seen as crazy and weird, feeling not good enough, shame for not doing things “the right way”, and the list goes on.

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Yet the cost of hiding is far too great. Addictions, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and feelings, unfulfilling relationships, lashing out, self-sabotage at work, losing items, being scattered, not paying attention to basic self-care, eating junk food… These are all ways to cope with the empty feeling inside.

Don’t worry. You are not alone. You are probably hiding your dandelion heart.

You see, the whole journey of the soul is to really examine these areas of ourselves and re-claim what we have lost or forgotten inside of us. It is to dismantle how we’ve been socialized and conditioned to fit in. Most people are actually hiding their true natures. It just takes someone to say: “hey, this sucks. I don’t want to live this way,” to break open the box.

Here are some common signs that you are hiding your dandelion heart:

  1. You isolate yourself from others because you feel like you will lose yourself if you are participate in a group or that others will not understand you.
  2. You are over-shopping on items that reflect who you want to be secretly or who you think you should be.  E.g. a motorcycle jacket, tons of journals, books on topics of interest, tacky Christmas sweaters, etc.
  3. You create drama and chaos. Because you can’t make up your mind, or you are waffling between who you are and who you think you should be, you can become a bit crazy-making with the people in your life. You may change plans quickly, be non-committal generally, and have strange conflicts with people.
  4. You procrastinate on the things you enjoy. Whether it is writing, reading, creating art, hiking, spending time with people you most love – you can put that on the side burner in order to meet your obligations.
  5. Your friends don’t really get you. They may match your socioeconomic status, or even your younger self, or help you feel normal. But there just isn’t that deeper connection that makes your soul sing.
  6. You’re trying to be perfect in one, some or all areas of your life. If you could just find the right system, the right order, the right formula for housekeeping, your business, your workout routine – everything would be just fine. But it’s never enough and you just can’t hold it all up on your own.
  7. You align with others who you think are better than you. You’re trying to fit into the clique just like in highschool. You want to be liked by the “right” people, instead of the appreciating the people who do like you for who you are.   
  8. You are judgy or critical of others who don’t fit in or others who are too conformist. This is a classic projection move. You will find the negative lens about the people who you do or don’t want to be. Just know it’s a way of protecting yourself from perceived ridicule from others if you were to truly let your wild side come out.
  9. You are tired or exhausted. Trying to fit in is truly exhausting. It requires a lot of energy to pretend to be someone you are not. You may find you are worn out and don’t have enough energy for yourself by the end of the week.
  10. You are living for the future instead of being in the present. Whether you are fantasizing about the future or dreading it, the future becomes more of your focus rather than enjoying your life right now.  

So if you can identify with even one of these signs it is possible you are in hiding. If you do the inner work, you will see that it really isn’t that scary to be yourself, and you can do it without having to be self-destructive. It just requires some self-honesty, courage to change and a willingness to open up to a whole other way of life that is deeply enriching for you.

If you would like to keep growing within, join my A Sanctuary for Dandelion Hearts Private Facebook Group so you know you are not alone.

The Sacred Power of Routines

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Virgo (and Sun is in Virgo), which means we are called to look at our habits and practices to see if they are aligning to our highest and deepest desires and goals.  

This is so appropriate as we are in the season of going back to school. We are also facing the Fall Equinox, during this time of COVID where everything seems uncertain, meaning we are called to go within and make inner change so we can survive the winter. 

I’ve heard from a number of you that you are getting waves of anxiety or depression, whether it’s because of the news, the changes in weather or the feeling of a second wave of the outbreak upon us. We are all wondering how we are going to cope through the winter without the chance to hang with friends and family outdoors. 

New Moon for Blossoming Heart Guidance Sep 2020
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This is where routine comes in. Often we think of routine as boring and dutiful. If routine is created from your own choosing, then it can be empowering. It is good for your root chakra and sense of psychological stability.

Creating a routine that nourishes your being and your life dreams, can help you feel in control and successful even in the face of adversity.  It cultivates self-discipline, which is an admirable and needed quality to stay inwardly centred and connected to your core self.  

This is why spiritual disciplines like writing, yoga, and meditation are encouraged to have a daily practice. It becomes a part of your life, giving you the groundwork t to master whatever challenges you face because of it. 

This is why I say that routines hold sacred power. If created in a way that aligns to our hearts and goals, we can truly make magic happen in our lives.  

Here is the recording for this month’s New Moon Teaching. I hope you have a wonderful New Moon!

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How to Stay Focused on What Matters

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As things are opening up, you can feel the pressure to have to get to it and get it all done. Though we are still living within constraints and lots of political conflict with the COVID issue (and everything resulting from it), It can be difficult knowing what to focus on in your life and what next steps to take.
 This is where the heart comes in.
Your heart is the centre part of your true self. It knows who you are, what you want, what you don’t want and what will stress you out.

Often it gets swayed by things like comparing yourself to others, responding to fear and anxiety just to quell the fires, and feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

When you make your heart your friend, it is your guiding light during difficult times.
Your heart wants to feel at peace, connected, happy, loved and heard. When you don’t prioritize those aspects in your decision-making, it leads to stress, burnout, resentment, and depression/anxiety.

If you were to look at those basic wants of the heart, again (to feel at peace, connected, happy, loved and heard), and your heart, what area does it feel lacking in right now, you’ll be surprised by quickly it responds to you. You just know. Then ask yourself “what is one thing I can do to feel more _____________ in my work, home, relationships or other area).

When you stay focused on getting that need met, you really start seeing magic happen in your life. You start prioritizing that need and you take control of your own inner power.

If you are facing a plate load of decisions right now, I encourage you to pick one decision you need to make and ask your heart, “what do you need me to do about this so you feel more at peace, connected, happy, loved or heard?”

And let me know how it goes — does this help? Just send me a quick email to:

New Moon: A Second Chance to Go Within & Find Home

As if Mercury in Retrograde and a Cancer Sun Sign wasn’t enough, we actually have a second New Moon in Cancer coming up on July 20th.   

This is a second chance to look at your relationships, your sense of home and your roots. Are you content with where you are? Are you denying your need for others in your life? Are you hurting from family difficulties?

This is a time to do the emotional healing work as well as to reflect on the past (as Cancer is a feminine sign connected to the moon) without getting stuck there. You may need to do some grieving around mother issues, hurts from past relationships or face some of the uglies of our human history (as we are seeing with the powerful Black Lives Matter movement).

This is a time to re-define your standards of how you want to be treated, who do you want in your circle of care, and what bigger issues you stand for that make your community a safer, kinder and more loving place.

Whether you do ritual on the New Moon or not, this is a wonderful time to set new intentions from what you have learned in this past month about yourself and the places you call home or tribe. You, like anyone else, deserves to feel safe, loved and understood.

If you need some support during this time, you may want to book a Re-charge Your Heart Session to help you move from overwhelmed to centred & calm.

Why Validation is So Important

As caring and sensitive hearts, we tend to hold everything in because we don’t like conflict or we don’t want to burden others.

Yet many know that stuffing your feelings can actually lead to mental and physical health problems like depression, over- or under-eating, substance abuse or just generally feeling lonely. It can also lead to chronic illness, as many holistic practitioners will attest, because the body is the densest part of us and responds on a primal level to things like threat and anger. 

You are probably the one who validates many in your circle, but do you have those around you who can validate your own personal challenges, hurts or upset? 

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It’s an amazing feeling when you feel heard and understood. Your heart can lift, your nervous system feels supported and safe, there is a sense of trust and openness, and your own inner wisdom can integrate in your life. All of a sudden you just feel loved and cared for.

If you are noticing that you don’t have many around you who “get you”, then it’s time to reach out to new groups, coaches, people or situations. 

No one person can fully meet our needs or show that they understand every part of our path, but you can notice the difference in your life if you feel good or relaxed or easy to share your stories when you are around certain people. It’s what creates the strong circle of support we all need and yearn for in our lives. 

Validation is what makes my sessions magical.  I tune in at a deeper level to understand what lives beneath the surface and in your heart’s truth. Often we put on a mask to the world of who we think we should be but quietly we are holding things inside and hiding our true selves. In a Sweet Aha’s session, you will be naturally understood at a level of your emotions and life experiences that will help you to move towards more self-acceptance, setting truly empowering goals that motivate you, and help you fall into deeper relaxation and self-understanding. You will open up to a more caring Universe because of it. 

How to Deal with News that Makes Your Heart Hurt

Oh us sensitive hearts. We try so much to understand, connect, care and be aware. We want to be a compassionate presence in the world, yet we live in a world that has a lot of issues that can be heartbreaking, to say the least.

Finding a balance of staying informed about the real suffering in the world while not becoming debilitated is a challenging one.  

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This is especially true during this time of crisis where we are hearing many heart-wrenching news stories. 

As Highly Sensitive People and Empaths, our nervous systems and brains can only handle so much before we become entirely overwhelmed.

Below are a few tips I’ve come up with in order to help me not fall into the pit of despair. I hope they help you, too…

  1. Limit your time for scrolling on social media or accessing the news to 15 minutes at a time. This way you won’t inundate yourself with too much.
  2. See if you can find 2 or 3 reliable news sources that you trust. Having a place where you feel safety, trust and stability is important.
  3. Be sure you feel strong before you engage with the world’s problems. Try to avoid first thing in the morning or late at night as your resources are depleted and your guard is down.
  4. Notice the stories that really affect you. Chances are these are issues that are part of your path of social change and impact or are there to help you heal your own trauma. If it triggers you too much, be sure to take a step back and go for a walk or listen to some enjoyable music.
  5. Ask yourself what emotions does this bring up in you? E.g. anger, sadness, frustration, confusion, shock…
  6. Become clear about your throughts and feelings. Journal, talk to a friend, share your thoughts or opinions in a place where you feel safe.
  7. Find creative ways to express yourself — write a poem, an op ed piece, draw your feelings, dance it out, or start a project.
  8. If the issue is very personal and is stirring up a lot, seek out a counsellor or therapist to process your feelings.
  9. See if you can stay focused on one or two major issues or news stories, most likely the ones that really move you. Find ways to make change in small or big ways. It could be reading out the issue more in-depth, watching movies or documentaries, joining a group of concerned citizens, going to a protest, participating in initiatives in your community, etc.
  10. Be sure you also have time to enjoy life, have fun and take time to do what you love.
  11. Keep a good news journal — listing 3 touching things that you heard about or saw in your day.
  12. Fill up on good news stories, as well. They are out there and we need to remember that there are wonderful and caring people in this world, too. You are one of them!

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New Moon: The Story of Our Relationships

Tomorrow — Friday May 22nd — is the New Moon in Gemini. Venus is also retrograde.

In a New Moon, the darkest phase of the cycle, we are called to go within to look at our own inner world. It is not a time of action, but a time of contemplation and setting intentions. We are moving into the Sun Sign of the month. So at the New Moon phase it is a powerful time to connect to the conscious and subconscious aspects of ourselves, using the dominant feature of the sign — this month being Gemini.

Gemini is the sign of the mind and intellect. Venus is the sign of love and the emotions–in retrograde it is about the heartache, rejections, or unexpressed grief in love.

This means that the old wounds about love and intimacy that we have — the places where our core hurts live — may come to surface. We have the chance to see the dis-empowering stories we have about ourselves, the mind chatter that is dominating our inner landscape. This means we may see ourselves as unlovable, undesirable, alone forever. We may see our love addiction so clearly during this time, and the amount of energy we’ve wasted with some friendships or love interests. We will need to discern what is fantasy versus what is reality.

Right in the middle of isolation. Fun, right?

When you get really honest with yourself about what is and isn’t working, and what it is you do or don’t need with your nearest and dearest, you have a chance to actually manifest grounded relationships that can honour you and the other from a place of integrity, respect and reality. In this new moon, you can transform the shadow and see yourself in a whole new light — you can see the inner strength you’ve had to survive. Or you can feel released of old guilt and shame and see how far you’ve come in self-respect. You can make new intentions for the kinds of people and dynamics you need to feel loved, supported and appreciated.

So use this powerful time today, tomorrow and Saturday to sit with yourself — journal your thoughts maybe — about love, past relationships or your current relationships.

You can ask yourself questions like:

  1. How do I really feel about this person?
  2. What am I believing about myself regarding this relationship?
  3. What do I need to feel more satisfied and peaceful?
  4. Am I being realistic about this person? What may I not be seeing about them?
  5. What are my 3 biggest needs I have to feel loved and cared about? Who do I feel is available to help me get these needs met?

And of course, you know yourself best so can come up with any other questions that may match what you are going through right now.

If you need some support, I have created a short but helpful e-course called: A Home Ceremony to Transform a Difficult Relationship. It’s only $9.99 and you have lifetime access to it. It’s powerful and offers a lot of deep insights and healing, if you are ready to go there.

I also offer a Re-charge Your Heart Session for a reduced rate during this time, if you need a more personalized touch.

Here’s to healing your heart and mind, so you can feel clear, more focused and aligned with the ways you need to feel loved and supported.


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