New Moon: The Story of Our Relationships

Tomorrow — Friday May 22nd — is the New Moon in Gemini. Venus is also retrograde.

In a New Moon, the darkest phase of the cycle, we are called to go within to look at our own inner world. It is not a time of action, but a time of contemplation and setting intentions. We are moving into the Sun Sign of the month. So at the New Moon phase it is a powerful time to connect to the conscious and subconscious aspects of ourselves, using the dominant feature of the sign — this month being Gemini.

Gemini is the sign of the mind and intellect. Venus is the sign of love and the emotions–in retrograde it is about the heartache, rejections, or unexpressed grief in love.

This means that the old wounds about love and intimacy that we have — the places where our core hurts live — may come to surface. We have the chance to see the dis-empowering stories we have about ourselves, the mind chatter that is dominating our inner landscape. This means we may see ourselves as unlovable, undesirable, alone forever. We may see our love addiction so clearly during this time, and the amount of energy we’ve wasted with some friendships or love interests. We will need to discern what is fantasy versus what is reality.

Right in the middle of isolation. Fun, right?

When you get really honest with yourself about what is and isn’t working, and what it is you do or don’t need with your nearest and dearest, you have a chance to actually manifest grounded relationships that can honour you and the other from a place of integrity, respect and reality. In this new moon, you can transform the shadow and see yourself in a whole new light — you can see the inner strength you’ve had to survive. Or you can feel released of old guilt and shame and see how far you’ve come in self-respect. You can make new intentions for the kinds of people and dynamics you need to feel loved, supported and appreciated.

So use this powerful time today, tomorrow and Saturday to sit with yourself — journal your thoughts maybe — about love, past relationships or your current relationships.

You can ask yourself questions like:

  1. How do I really feel about this person?
  2. What am I believing about myself regarding this relationship?
  3. What do I need to feel more satisfied and peaceful?
  4. Am I being realistic about this person? What may I not be seeing about them?
  5. What are my 3 biggest needs I have to feel loved and cared about? Who do I feel is available to help me get these needs met?

And of course, you know yourself best so can come up with any other questions that may match what you are going through right now.

If you need some support, I have created a short but helpful e-course called: A Home Ceremony to Transform a Difficult Relationship. It’s only $9.99 and you have lifetime access to it. It’s powerful and offers a lot of deep insights and healing, if you are ready to go there.

I also offer a Re-charge Your Heart Session for a reduced rate during this time, if you need a more personalized touch.

Here’s to healing your heart and mind, so you can feel clear, more focused and aligned with the ways you need to feel loved and supported.


If you are someone who knows the importance of love, care and kindness in the world, please join A Sanctuary for Sensitive Hearts Private Facebook Group.

2 thoughts on “New Moon: The Story of Our Relationships

  1. Oh my Gosh Heather your refelection on new moon and relationships really speaks to me today so much that is why I feel a whole in my heart today


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