Why Validation is So Important

As caring and sensitive hearts, we tend to hold everything in because we don’t like conflict or we don’t want to burden others.

Yet many know that stuffing your feelings can actually lead to mental and physical health problems like depression, over- or under-eating, substance abuse or just generally feeling lonely. It can also lead to chronic illness, as many holistic practitioners will attest, because the body is the densest part of us and responds on a primal level to things like threat and anger. 

You are probably the one who validates many in your circle, but do you have those around you who can validate your own personal challenges, hurts or upset? 

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

It’s an amazing feeling when you feel heard and understood. Your heart can lift, your nervous system feels supported and safe, there is a sense of trust and openness, and your own inner wisdom can integrate in your life. All of a sudden you just feel loved and cared for.

If you are noticing that you don’t have many around you who “get you”, then it’s time to reach out to new groups, coaches, people or situations. 

No one person can fully meet our needs or show that they understand every part of our path, but you can notice the difference in your life if you feel good or relaxed or easy to share your stories when you are around certain people. It’s what creates the strong circle of support we all need and yearn for in our lives. 

Validation is what makes my sessions magical.  I tune in at a deeper level to understand what lives beneath the surface and in your heart’s truth. Often we put on a mask to the world of who we think we should be but quietly we are holding things inside and hiding our true selves. In a Sweet Aha’s session, you will be naturally understood at a level of your emotions and life experiences that will help you to move towards more self-acceptance, setting truly empowering goals that motivate you, and help you fall into deeper relaxation and self-understanding. You will open up to a more caring Universe because of it. 

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