New Moon: A Second Chance to Go Within & Find Home

As if Mercury in Retrograde and a Cancer Sun Sign wasn’t enough, we actually have a second New Moon in Cancer coming up on July 20th.   

This is a second chance to look at your relationships, your sense of home and your roots. Are you content with where you are? Are you denying your need for others in your life? Are you hurting from family difficulties?

This is a time to do the emotional healing work as well as to reflect on the past (as Cancer is a feminine sign connected to the moon) without getting stuck there. You may need to do some grieving around mother issues, hurts from past relationships or face some of the uglies of our human history (as we are seeing with the powerful Black Lives Matter movement).

This is a time to re-define your standards of how you want to be treated, who do you want in your circle of care, and what bigger issues you stand for that make your community a safer, kinder and more loving place.

Whether you do ritual on the New Moon or not, this is a wonderful time to set new intentions from what you have learned in this past month about yourself and the places you call home or tribe. You, like anyone else, deserves to feel safe, loved and understood.

If you need some support during this time, you may want to book a Re-charge Your Heart Session to help you move from overwhelmed to centred & calm.

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