The Sacred Power of Routines

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Virgo (and Sun is in Virgo), which means we are called to look at our habits and practices to see if they are aligning to our highest and deepest desires and goals.  

This is so appropriate as we are in the season of going back to school. We are also facing the Fall Equinox, during this time of COVID where everything seems uncertain, meaning we are called to go within and make inner change so we can survive the winter. 

I’ve heard from a number of you that you are getting waves of anxiety or depression, whether it’s because of the news, the changes in weather or the feeling of a second wave of the outbreak upon us. We are all wondering how we are going to cope through the winter without the chance to hang with friends and family outdoors. 

New Moon for Blossoming Heart Guidance Sep 2020
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on

This is where routine comes in. Often we think of routine as boring and dutiful. If routine is created from your own choosing, then it can be empowering. It is good for your root chakra and sense of psychological stability.

Creating a routine that nourishes your being and your life dreams, can help you feel in control and successful even in the face of adversity.  It cultivates self-discipline, which is an admirable and needed quality to stay inwardly centred and connected to your core self.  

This is why spiritual disciplines like writing, yoga, and meditation are encouraged to have a daily practice. It becomes a part of your life, giving you the groundwork t to master whatever challenges you face because of it. 

This is why I say that routines hold sacred power. If created in a way that aligns to our hearts and goals, we can truly make magic happen in our lives.  

Here is the recording for this month’s New Moon Teaching. I hope you have a wonderful New Moon!

with hugs,


Click Here to Listen to this Month’s New Moon Teaching

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