Signs You May Be Hiding Your Dandelion Heart

It’s happened to me and it is something I have seen in my own network of family and clients. There is a struggle to try to make things work – to abide by the world’s rules and systems while feeling completely empty and unhappy on the inside. You turn to self-blame, wondering why you justContinue reading “Signs You May Be Hiding Your Dandelion Heart”

The Sacred Power of Routines

Tomorrow is the New Moon in Virgo (and Sun is in Virgo), which means we are called to look at our habits and practices to see if they are aligning to our highest and deepest desires and goals.   This is so appropriate as we are in the season of going back to school. We areContinue reading “The Sacred Power of Routines”

How to Stay Focused on What Matters

As things are opening up, you can feel the pressure to have to get to it and get it all done. Though we are still living within constraints and lots of political conflict with the COVID issue (and everything resulting from it), It can be difficult knowing what to focus on in your life andContinue reading “How to Stay Focused on What Matters”

New Moon: A Second Chance to Go Within & Find Home

As if Mercury in Retrograde and a Cancer Sun Sign wasn’t enough, we actually have a second New Moon in Cancer coming up on July 20th.    This is a second chance to look at your relationships, your sense of home and your roots. Are you content with where you are? Are you denying yourContinue reading “New Moon: A Second Chance to Go Within & Find Home”

Why Validation is So Important

As caring and sensitive hearts, we tend to hold everything in because we don’t like conflict or we don’t want to burden others. Yet many know that stuffing your feelings can actually lead to mental and physical health problems like depression, over- or under-eating, substance abuse or just generally feeling lonely. It can also leadContinue reading “Why Validation is So Important”

How to Deal with News that Makes Your Heart Hurt

Oh us sensitive hearts. We try so much to understand, connect, care and be aware. We want to be a compassionate presence in the world, yet we live in a world that has a lot of issues that can be heartbreaking, to say the least. Finding a balance of staying informed about the real sufferingContinue reading “How to Deal with News that Makes Your Heart Hurt”

My e-book has just been released!

A series of personal experiences and insights that show there is more to life than meets the eye. Heather shares her personal journey in becoming a medium as well as the funny and undeniable experiences with Spirit and those who have passed on. It also includes an encounter with Abe Lincoln! Rate: $8.99 on Amazon.caContinue reading “My e-book has just been released!”

New Moon: The Story of Our Relationships

Tomorrow — Friday May 22nd — is the New Moon in Gemini. Venus is also retrograde. In a New Moon, the darkest phase of the cycle, we are called to go within to look at our own inner world. It is not a time of action, but a time of contemplation and setting intentions. WeContinue reading “New Moon: The Story of Our Relationships”

Free Yale Course Online: The Science of Happiness

Today — May 20th – is the day Yale opens the second round of this free online course. We could all use a dose of happiness in our lives during this time. Here’s a blurb from an article on the Global News site. “Yale University is offering people a reprieve from the existential dread of the coronavirus pandemic:Continue reading “Free Yale Course Online: The Science of Happiness”

Book of the Week: The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette

If there is one spiritual mentor I love, it is Sonia Choquette. She is down-to-earth, practical and knowledgeable about developing the self and one’s intuitive abilities. You can get it on Kindle for $4.99 US. Click Here for More Details on How to Buy… “A practical, step-by-step, 12-week interactive program that teaches you how toContinue reading “Book of the Week: The Psychic Pathway by Sonia Choquette”